1. Filtering mails in exim with Python

    Fri 10 October 2014

    Why you send spam and how you can quit it

    Personally I find correctly configuring mail systems as one of most experience needing skill of common sysadmin in webhosting environment. This is place where you have to handle problems of many users using different programs, different network connections (some ISP …

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  2. https, openvpn and ssh on one port - thanks to haproxy

    Wed 10 September 2014

    Sometimes you land in places with restricted internet access to few destination ports (like in many hotels). In such places it is handy to have OpenVPN listening on innocent port like 443. But what to do if you don't have spare ip?

    Haproxy solution

    One of solutions can be sharing …

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  3. Don't use error-handler-404 in lighttpd - it's a bad idea

    Sat 21 September 2013

    In many places you can find suggestions to use

    server.error-handler-404 = "/index.php"

    to get nice urls on sites like Wordpress. It's a bad idea! server.error-handler-404 forgets GET values, so after some time you'll find yourself wondering why forms aren't working.


    Best replacment I found is using …

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  4. First Post

    Sat 21 September 2013

    Hello stranger. You found this site, but don't expect too much. This is place to make me sure that I won't forget some things (like adding garlic to spaghetti). Other usage (specially for other people then me) is completly optional.

    If you will find here anything useful - then great! If …

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  5. Sysadm

    Sat 21 September 2013

    Here will be any technincal (mostly related to administrator work) posts. Usually they will be about different servieces working on Debian, but they should be usuable also on the other systems.

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